30 Million parts a year.
85 Employees.  
8.000 qm factory hall.
28 Moulding machines.
1 Vision.

We are a successful international family company, with our feet planted on firm ground. Our production is performed in 8.000 square meters, utilizing the newest production methods and keeping what’s most important in mind, the long term.  We think in generations and not in short term revenue goals. The importance of sustainability and our social responsibility precedes the importance of growth.  In our company we endorse equality and diversity. We support social and cultural entities and give some of our success back to the community.

Each day, we produce more than 30 million plastic parts a year for our customers in industries such as automotive, household appliances, semiconductor industry, medicine technology and others. Each and every produced part is sustainable and complies with clearly defined performance requirements. Our customers appreciate the quality of our products as well as our reliability. It´s a nice feeling: for both, our employees and our customers.


Good enterprise is like a philharmonic orchestra.
At Veeser we play polyphonically, many instruments playing many parts simultaneously, but all to the same symphony.

Claus Staudt, Oktett, 2016 Precisely placed polystyrol elements are reminiscent of a music score.

People are our center of attention: Despite being a technological leader – our future oriented digitalization strategy in industry 4.0 is supposed to serve people:   Employees, Customers, and Partners. At Veeser, you are all at the heart of our business strategy and are the heartbeat of our management culture.

Our management:

Michael Veeser

Michael Veeser

lic.oec. HSG
Managing Partner

Before and during his studies at the University of St. Gallen, Mr. Veeser was practically trained in tool making, design and moulding technology. In 1987, After having spent three years in a worldwide leading international business consulting company, he has decided to start with Veeser, our family business, and still holds the position of the managing partner.

Tomáš Bulajcsík

Tomáš Bulajcsík

Sales Manager

After studying at the universities in Vienna and Bratislava, Mr. Bulajcsík worked for 17 years in various technical and commercial management positions in the plastics industry. Since 2023, he has been responsible for market activities and projects at Veeser as Head of Sales.

Tíbor Šír

Managing Director, Plant Manager

Jana Lajčoková

Commercial Manager, ppa.

Our mix of people and experience works. When leading, we are careful to provide the right ratio of leadership, rules and freedom. The juniors learn from experienced specialists and vice versa. Dual education and continuous education support our performance. Our work environment encourages development and inspires everyone to be engaged and creative.

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